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Jesus Christ is LORD
 Link Exchange Web Ring
Here are the steps you must take to enter your site to Link Exchange Web Ring (c).
is your sponsor
Free Banners Today (c) is a site that is "Useful and  Helpful"
All sites submitted must be useful or helpful.
Sites may not contain any pornographic pictures, movies, or links to them.
How to Join.
it's simple
FIRST!..Link your site by placing  Link Exchange Web Ring's Logo
to your INDEX page ( first page ). Then affix a copy of this
URL to the Logo Banner.
ONLY then record your link.

                   This is in a table with a frame cell spacing of 7,8,9 pixel setting with background

Jesus Christ is LORD
 Link Exchange Web Ring's Logo
 Fill free to use it either way.
Jesus Christ is LORD
Jesus Christ is LORD
If you have any further questions, E Mail me Thank you and good luck!
 This is necessary to join the ring.
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